Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies and gentleman,
Onward, etc. Is a work in progress. I will being recording in the very near future but until the new work of art is released lets take a step back into the past.
I started playing music as a young kid and have been creating art since. My world revolves around the artistic side of the line. A life outside the box. I will be posting some of my work from the past until the explosion of new, fresh and honest music is created. I can promise you all new material in the very very near future. Stay connected, stay alive and last but not least stay true! I love you and for the support and help in lifting this project off the ground. Now lets have some fun!!

The Way It Seems is a music video done by Gnarly Bay Productions based out of Rhode Island. I wrote the song while traveling the world. Seeing the world through different eyes. Realizing that sometimes the way people view the world from a enclosed glass box is not really the way it really is. Its about having your own opinion and choice to believe or create your own spiritual realm. Its about finding freedom in something other then a flag on a pole. So push play listen closely and enjoy "The Way It Seems"

    Onward, etc.

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